Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lord Christopher Monckton Missing In Action

Our well-know climate change sceptic, Christopher Walter Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, evidently does not like his public persona to be sullied with such trivia as supporting his claims in writing, on line, in a forum where what he says can be challenged.

Recently, he engaged in a conversation with Peter Hadfield (Potholer54)at WattsUpWithThat, where Peter challenged some of his information. After a short while, during which Monckton substantially failed to address Peter's questions, Monckton departed the debate, claiming more pressing business.

Peter Hadfield was subsequently interviewed by Peter Sinclair at Climate Crocks:

This interview upset Anthony Watts to the extent that Watts has closed the conversation between Hadfield and Monckton: follow the link and look for Anthony's response to the comment posted at 8.13 a.m., March 24, in which he says:
REPLY: While I can’t hear what Hadfield is saying (he sounds like a British mumble to me) they seem totally infatuated with their manhunt, so much for Hadfield’s repeated claims of being “dispassionate and logical”. Thanks for posting this. When he starts colluding with that hateful “greenman”, all semblance of rational debate is destroyed.
This video then cements my decision not to provide any further space to Hadfield here. – Anthony
So, the conversation, on a site of Monckton's choosing and where he gets support, has been closed because Hadfield spoke to Sinclair? The conversation has been closed by Watts, not by Monckton? Monckton just walks away and leaves his friends to clean up the mess? Shameful. Monckton does not come out of this with any respectable reputation left intact.

The conversation at WattsUpWithThat is the only case I am aware of in which Monckton has been convinced to start a debate in which all his claims can be scrutinised and debunked. Evidently, Monckton has a problem with exposing his claims to the light of investigation.

For more on this engrossing saga, visit Skeptical Science and Climate Crocks, where you will be both enlightened and entertained.

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