Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monk(ey)ton Business in the Oz Media

The paragon of virtue, Christopher Monkton, has been strategising with the rich and powerful in Australia concerning the establishment of a blatantly right-wing media presence on our shores. Guess what? Gina Reinhardt, that paragon of environmentalism, subsequently acquired a position with Channel 10 and is fishing for a leading stake in Fairfax Media. There is even talk of an Oz version of that oh-so-balanced misinformational news outlet, Fox News.

How it could be worse than our existing offerings from Limited News may be debatable, but the talk of giving Andrew Bolt and Jo Nova starring roles should be enough to wake the rest of us from our slumbers.

I would be shaking my head in disbelief, if I wasn't frozen with fright.

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