Monday, January 23, 2012

A Rock And A Hard Place

Sometimes, you trip over knowledge you can't ignore, but you would have been more comfortable not knowing. So it is with this essay by David Roberts. As a realist and a true sceptic, I recognise that the outcomes described are probably accurate, but they make me want to grab my Teddy and hide under the bed.

To quote from the referenced paper by Kevin Anderson and Alice Bows,
avoiding dangerous (and even extremely dangerous) climate change is no longer compatible with economic prosperity.
Hands up all those who think there is a snowball in Hade's chance of the rich and powerful in the developed world giving up their great god "Economic Prosperity", even when it is no longer compatible with survival of the species.

No Teddies were harmed during the filming of this post, but I cannot help thinking they might not have a very happy future.

NOTE: People with more than one imaginative brain cell should pour themselves a stiff drink before reading the linked article. Seriously.

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